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My philosophy: 

"If you do what you've always done,

You'll get what you've always got".

Welcome to our website.

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy the experience.

Having trained in Kinesiology in Queensland and N.S.W. Australia and having run my own clinic in both Queensland on the Gold Coast and in Macksville N.S.W. I opened the doors of my clinic in Whakatane New Zealand in April 2002, after moving here from Macksville.

From very early in my Kinesiology career, I learned that we have to be responsible for our own health, we have to make choices and decisions, based on as much information as we can gather. Kinesiology can help us make those choices and decisions. So many times people come into my clinic, looking for a 'quick fix', not wanting to change anything in their life style, they just want to be fixed, and from the moment I started working with Kinesiology, I realised that if a person came to me with a headache from banging their head against a brick wall, unless they stop doing that, their headache will always return. So I use Kinesiology to help people discover what it is that needs to be done to help alleviate their problem. This may mean various procedures and corrections in clinic as well as lifestyle changes, dietry changes, etc. 

I believe our health is in our own hands and if we abdicate that responsibility to someone else we are asking for trouble. When we go to a doctor we have a symptom, the doctor will generally give you a medication to relieve that symptom, and this is sometimes most necessary, they do not, generally, however, address the cause. Through muscle testing, Kinesiology has been able to by-pass the conscious thinking process and get to the cause. When you eliminate the cause, the symptoms disappear. To use the analogy of a car, if you are driving down the road and your oil light comes on, do you cut the wire to the light or do you fill the oil up? Cutting the wire will cause the light to go out, but in a short while you will be in real trouble. The same applies to medication. This does not mean you stop taking your medication, what it means is you find out why you have the problem in the first place. If that problem can be corrected, then the need for the medication is no longer there.

I find that if a person is not prepared to change what they are doing to eliminate whatever is causing their problem, their problem does NOT go away, however when people do change and eliminate the cause, their health returns.

What to expect when you visit at Meridian Kinesiology

When you attend the clinic, you will be greeted in a professional manner.

 In the clinic room, we will discuss the reason/s you have come to see me. This will include what symptoms, if any, you have and the various methods you have used to help those symptoms. I will then explain in detail, what is involved in the first session, and after the first session we will discuss further treatments, if necessary, and any support supplements you need to take, or foods you may need to stop taking. The first session usually takes over an hour, sometimes up to an hour and a half. Some ask how many session are needed, which is very hard to answer. Some people need continued ongoing help for as many as 6 to 8 sessions, while others only need 1 or 2, this will depend on what is happening for you. The average number of sessions a person has at the clinic since opening is 2.3.

Once your immediate situation has been alleviated, I like to use a maintenance program, which usually consists of a check up, every 3 months. Using the car analogy again, you have your car serviced every 10,000 kms, why not your body.

What else can you expect? 

You will be treated in a professional manner and all information is strictly confidential, but watch out, you may have a laugh or two as well.

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